Raul F. O. Short Stories

Page 1 of The Fifth Book

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Jimbo, my friend. Wait just a second, he said while trotting towards him. Listen, he continued distressed, we don’t know what’s in there, and we have no idea how it even got here. This might turn out to be a disaster. Perplexed, Jim looks at Daniel, takes a deep breath and says… You know, this isn’t the first time we’re doing this, right? The sarcophagus won’t harm anyone. Daniel promptly interrupts him… I know, but this thing is 25 tones, you can’t just think that this is normal, it’s a black granite block. Jim puts his hand on Daniel’s shoulder and says… You know what? It doesn’t really matter, because we’re either going down in history or this is just unexceptional. So why get so antsy about all this? Daniel with a confused look just turns around, scratches his head, like he had forgotten something really important. The black block of granite was raised from the ground.

The troops gathered around. The excitement was palpable, their faces varied. Those that were more pessimistic were continuously praying to their gods, trying to prevent a curse or disaster. They had found this thing nine days ago, six feet deep in a three acre excursion. And they finally got the green to unearth it and open it after the 9 days of careful analysis and documentation. This being one of the most exciting parts of their jobs, the part they only show in movies.        

With gentle care they put the wires through and right under the lid, as it was extremely heavy. The media and local people surrounded and swarmed the place since it was a mysterious discovery, which also peaked the internet’ interest too. As it had gone viral and people were trying to imagine all sorts of funny stuff and challenges. Coming up with theories of what it could be, where would be its origins or what could be inside. As the crane started pulling the lid, the earth shook a little underneath the sarcophagus. As it finally unhinged and the sarcophagus dropped and the lid was now on the crane, a foul stench started filling the air. Daniel started screaming, like he just woke up from a nightmare, to the crane operator to drop the lid back on the sarcophagus, he remembered what he had forgotten. None of them were wearing any masks or protective gear, something that can be very dangerous.

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