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raul f. o.


About raul f. O.

I started writing out of necessity, then out of curiosity. With years it turned into a way of expressing myself and letting out all the emotions that were flowing through me. It started with expression, but it turned into potential. As I started to dig into the different forms of stories I could tell and come up with. The fascination of breaking limits and rules is never ending and full of possibilities, that's why we matter.


Raul F.O.

P.S. If you want to know more about the way I structure or come up with stories, how I construct things, please check Nobody The Blog.

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The works of Raul F. O. from the debut book Trapped: Autumn to its Sequel Trapped: Spring and the third book in Trapped: Seasons series, Trapped: Winter.


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Trapped: Autumn

When John loses control over his own body, he has to win the fight against a myth that was thought to be part of legends. All in order to save his own life, his relationship and his sanity. Trapped: Autumn is a book about what happens if you catch a glimpse of yourself outside your own body. Giving the reader a look inside the uncensored, unfiltered and unapologetic thoughts and actions of a student. About what happens when you mix mythology, immature philosophy, literature and a social and love life all into one. All while being forced to relive the nightmare, all over again.


Get it as a paperback or ebook


Trapped: Spring

What would you do if you were to catch a glimpse of yourself, just as any stranger perceives you? When a goddess stumbles upon John while searching for someone. John loses control over his own life and body. As three stories unfold around him, with him as a hostage. Mike tries not to lose control of his own life as well as his ten year relationship with Amber. As she tries to get a grip on her fear of commitment. June tries to elucidate her own story and her own need and lack of a goal in her life. Trapped: Spring is the final ark of the two season storyline. Where no life is greater than the other and all is equal in the entropy of this universe.


Trapped: Winter

Release date January 12th, live on for more about Trapped: Winter please refer to Nobody the Blog until the release.