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No, this isn’t a new short story for the Pilot Program, this is a weekly podcast surrounding the life story of my grandfather, Jon. Born before the start of World War 2, having to have his childhood traumatized by it and the horrors of war, trying to survive through the toughest of conditions. This, is the beginning of the story for The Quill Podcast. This first season takes a first good look at a war torn Transylvania that was given to the Hungarians by Nazi Germany and Italy, which meant carnage and tragedy for the Romanians in the Region. But, that doesn’t mean that Romanians weren’t persecuting Hungarians in their territories. It was war, nonetheless.

Jon is trying to figure out who is on his side and who is trying to harm him and his family. As a child he has to adapt, to fend for himself, whether it was food, clean water, fruits, vegetables or bread. He had to learn to tend to a whole household, animals and fields, and find a way to survive his childhood on the fields near one of the biggest cities in Transylvania. Six sisters and brother, one mother alone on her own, living the best life in the nightmare of the war in a territory filled with tragedy and tensions between the nationalities living there. Trying to survive, trying to live another die, with the hope that they just might hold out and see the end of the war.

The podcast takes place over six precise seasons. Everything is based on the stories I have heard over the years from my grandfather when he lived and facts found through history books and through research online. Each season is going to be 12 episodes, with a break for a few weeks between each episode. The Quill podcast is LIVE every Thursday on if you want to witness the story live. Even though the podcast is based in real stories and facts, most of it is improvised on the spot, so the narrative story might take sudden unexpected turns. The podcast is both in audio and video format, there are actual historical videos attached to this podcast that showcases the events of the years portrayed, something extra after you’ve listened to it.

You can find The Quill Podcast in video form archived on YouTube:

If you want to listen to it, you can find it here: The Quill Podcast on Raul F. O. or anywhere else you can listen to podcasts to. Including: Spotify, Google podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Himalaya, Radio Public, Breaker and many more to come.

Hope you enjoy the story, because I certainly do love exploring history and finding interesting stuff out together with you all.