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Chapter 2 Page 1 The Fifth Book


Waking up cold and damp, feeling like he slept on a field of grass as the morning dew had set on him. Oscar gets up from the bed, as he puts a blanket over his shoulders and slowly scuttles over to the gas cooker to brew himself some coffee. A quick rinse of the small kettle, a few spoons of ground coffee, cold water and the fire of the gas cooker were good enough for him to make some coffee and warm himself up, as winter is approaching and the weather is getting colder. Until the coffee brews, Oscar goes to the window by the bed, to check how things look outside. Through the crack of the window that was taped with scotch tape, the sun is shining through the yellow leaves of the tree that was in front of his small parental home. I don’t know why people take this life so seriously, it is far too important, he thought to himself after witnessing a neighbor arguing with his spouse in front of his house at 7 AM. The kettle starts boiling, he slowly goes to turn the gas cooker off, then waits for a few more minutes for the coffee to settle at the bottom as he ponders about college. Trying to figure out whether he should finish it or apply for a better one. I just want to be safe, he thinks, deciding that it is better for him to first finish this college before doing anything dramatic. At least this way I have some insurance, he thinks to himself whilst warming up some milk to add to his coffee. The phone rings, he makes his way to answer it. Good morning, Mr. Oscar, I call on the behalf of the funeral company. We’d like to ask if you want the funeral with the caskets closed or opened. He sits there for a moment pondering and telling them that closed is better. They oblige and thank him for his time before ending the call. I feel like I was careless, he says, continuing his morning ritual. Coffee in hand, sifting through his notes, he tries to find the number of the college professors he has classes with today, to remind them that he won’t be able to attend. Unable to find them, he starts looking for his pants, a shirt, some shoes and some socks, to dress himself up, run to the college and talk to the professors before the funeral. He finds a pair of wrinkly black pants, a white shirt with a yellow stain on the lower left side. After finding a decent pair of shoes, he  looks for some socks, pair after pair each with holes at the back or  at the front, he finally finds a pair that only has holes at the sole, he puts them on, shoes too afterwards and taking his father old big overcoat he leaves quickly.

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Chapter 1 Page 1 The Fifth Book


Somewhere between this and going back, I prefer to be alone. She thought to herself as she was shuffling through her underwear, yet she couldn’t find any one clean pair. As she had forgotten to take her tighty-whities together with the rest of the dirty clothing from the chair to the clothes basket. Like the teenage years had never left her, when all the hormones were creating her problems and frustrations, now it turned to existence itself. Why is there so much shit? I don’t want to clean all this up… I thought living without a roommate would be easier. I miss mom. She said, curled up in her bed between clothes and wrappers. Her phone rang, she hesitantly picked it up. The voice started talking Hey, girl. Where you at? Annoyed Kayla told Danielle that she’s at home, not feeling in the mood. Bullshit, was her response, telling her to get her ass up moving to the shelter, the soup kitchen wasn’t gonna run itself. Begrudgingly she got up, dressed up and left. Whoever thought that volunteering at a soup kitchen on a damn Saturday was a good idea, really didn’t think it through… Oh wait, it was my idea. She thought to herself while putting on a fresh pair of jeans from the laundry pile. Something stinks here, I need to clean this place up sometime. Another thought that she repeated to herself for now a few weeks. The door closed behind her, a cold winter air hit her as she got out of the apartment building, making her way towards the shelter, with a pair of old headphones in her ears, in a phone that now only served as a music player. The grey around her tuned out, all the faces and voices turned into scenery, anything blue and black into pavement and eyes into bricks in the walls, voices into winds, thus the street became empty. It was just a ten minute leisurely walk, yet it sometimes felt like an eternity, other times it felt like a blink of an eye. Music soothes the wounds sometimes, she thought to herself, breathing the heavy air. Painfully scared for today, tomorrow and everything that is around her. Betsy, how you doing? Surprised, she takes her headphones out, her scared look turns into a smile. Who you calling Betsy? Do I look like a cow or what now? The man, stopped for a second before laughing. You know I mean no harm, girl. You going to the kitchen, right? She just nodded as he continued talking. How’s your daddy? Haven’t seem him in a while. Her smile turned into a frown as she answered his question.

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