Attropolis XVI



Man 3: The third man finally stood up on his one good foot… Teeth and gums rotten just like his other leg. He smelled like the intestines of a cow, he looked worse than a half eaten cat. Yet, he too, was soft spoken. A man of few words, Olanus was already tired of having to deal with these religious men, yet he was calm, the devotion he had for justice was almost incomparable in the empire. So, he continued interrogating the man. Barely moving his right eye, he looked at him and answered his questions as well as he could, being deaf in one ear at his age was impeding him.

The door opened, Alicaria entered the room, to his surprise, went close to the four men, took a good look at them, then made her way towards a chair next to him. As she sat, Olanus moved onto the fourth man.

Man 4: A younger rounder man, black between the toes of his feet. A few black highlights spread over his head, thinking he might trick people into thinking that he has hair. He was fidgety, swearing like it was raining indoors, yet his speech was dragging and slow. Spitting left and right as he was trying to put thought to word through his fat cheeks and fatter lips. As the interrogation went on, the more and more Olanus had the urge to strangle him and rip his throat through his asshole. Having her there helped him get through it all…

He had the men held up in that room, as they went outside to discuss the situation and debrief her into the information he gathered from them. Yet there was no news about the fifth men, which only fueled his anger and frustration. Thus he started relying the information, saying: The first man seems a bit too old and scrawny in my opinion. Then there’s the fact that he said he taking care of his animals all day, feeding them, stalking up and getting ready for the congregation. Helping those that can’t feed themselves… He looked at her and asked if she knew him. She shook her head, signaling no. Thinking that he may not tell her about him, he moved on: The second one was odd, he looks like he is impervious to everything and anything. A bit too holy, a bit too suspicious. He said he went through there, but not your place specifically, as he had some errands to run and had talked to some folk on the streets. He again looked at her and asked if she knew him… She surprised like being woken from a dream, nods and tells him about seeing him two or thrice a day around, in the rare days she spends her time at home morning to evening.

The third man is disgusting, and looks like someone that could harm people. Said Olanus scratching his head, as he was walking frustrated around the room. She responded by saying that he rarely saw the man around, but he did see him. She also heard about his story, The man behind the legends, supposedly he was known to have fought the boar infestation twenty years prior, thus leading to the poor state he was in now. Olanus was shocked, as he too heard those stories about that man when he was but a boy.

Then there’s this forth man… Olanus said frustrated, exclaiming He is too stupid to have done anything. She couldn’t help herself but laugh at him and his outburst. I know him, she said. We’re roughly the same age, grew up together, he was always this way. He comes by once in a while to chat and to talk to me. Nothing more, he’s like a little brother. They were nowhere closer to solving the mystery of what happened to poor Juliusegos de la Capital… And so, his tragedy lives on…

In Creetus….

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Attropolis XII


Caution: Attropolis contains strong language, sexual content, disturbing images and immoral grotesque behavior. You have been warned.

Shocked, distressed and embarrassed, they both were as he entered the chambers with the terrible news of her son dying. In the heat of the moment he pulled away and tore his throbbing cock out of her. She screamed as his dick simply tore out of her withering flower, blood started dripping down to her shit hole, she barely stood up, as it still hurt, and blood was now dripping onto the floor and down her legs. She started crying both from the pain of having a cock pulled out like spear from a fresh wound and the loss of her only son. Olanus tells the soldier to get a carriage as fast as possible whilst wiping the blood off the propagator’s tip. He was fuming with fury in his eyes. Alicaria on the ground crying in a puddle of blood, slowly and gently he picked her up in his arms, carrying her down the stairs. People were looking, murmuring and already starting rumors about what had happened in those chambers. Some saying that she had a miscarriage, knowing full well that Olanus as big as he was, would never harm a woman. Yet they were looking at her like she was a witch that had charmed him and now was just pretending for his pity. As they got to the carriage, he placed her down gently, and sat next to her. She couldn’t stop crying, with a soft voice he told the chauffeur her address and to hurry. He instantly whipped the horses and they started galloping through the streets of Rome. The barely paved streets even in Rome were horrible, as the horses were galloping, the carriage was bumping and jumping from hole to hole, shaking up and down, side to side. Olanus did try to keep Alicaria as safe as possible and to hold her so she wouldn’t suffer more than she was already suffering. Yet it was all too little too late. With every hole and bumps she would jump and come down with a force that would slam her vagina to the seat of the carriage. Every time that would happen she would let out a scream, and blood gushed out of her, making her sore, but this time not in a pleasant way. It wasn’t a pleasant ride for him either, as he would hit is head on the top of the carriage and would usually either crack the skin on his head or break the roof. It took them twenty minutes to get to her home, she could barely walk right now and he was dizzy from all the head banging from the ride. They took a few minutes to recover, then he got out of the carriage and smacked the chauffeur over the head a few times for being careless and as retribution for his head injuries. He helped her down, took her in his arms, and they both slowly entered the house. It was a putrid smell, there was already a darkness in and around the house. They both slowly took some steps towards the bed, where they finally saw his body. The foam from his mouth had already dried up, so was the blood and cum. Enraged he told the chauffeur to go fetch the soldier that had found the child in this poor state, and get him the few men that were supposed to patrol this region. Alicaria, was on her knees, sobbing, screaming that this fate should have been hers, not her child’s. The pain only grew in both of them, so was the sorrow and frustration to the fact that there’s nothing much to do right now, but mourn his death and avenge him.

And in Greece…

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