Attropolis I

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Caution: Attropolis contains strong language, sexual content, disturbing images and immoral grotesque behavior. You have been warned. The following events probably happened and are based on past real events. The story you’re about to read is based on many documented past beliefs and behaviors.

As any story, many moons ago on a coast, in the city of Creetus, somewhere between Athens and Sparta. Stars were shining in the black of the skies, the waves were hitting the shore, the wind blowing, yet it all came together as a calm and soothing voice that was singing the song of gods. On that night, a boy named Hippos was being born. The oracles were thrilled at his birth, as they saw a great future for him. Maybe a prophecy fulfiller came to be. But they warned Hippos's parents about an evil that was born. Around the same time as Hippos, somewhere in Rome, a boy named Juliusegos de la Capital was born. Years had past, Hippos now in going through mousike, the traditional Athenian way of teaching class, beauty, literature and philosophy, in order to make him a true philanthropist. But this being Creetus, the educational system was a combination of the Athenian and the Spartan way. After a child got to the age of five or six, he was sent to school, to be taught to read, to think, to learn about the history of the place they were living in. As they grew they were thought about more and more complicated subjects from the art of beauty to the art of the war. When the children got in the first year of their teens they were sent to the academy of war, the Spartan way of education named Agoge. Hippos being at the age of five, he is very rambunctious, yet during the lessons he was quieter than the dead pigeon he had found on his way to school that morning, as he took it and gifted it to this very beautiful girl. She had long black luscious hair, her feet were clean, her sandals sparkling in the sun, his first love. She coyly accepted it, but the other few children were laughing, one of the laughing children had a coughing fit, as the coughing fit continued, he started having seizures and a few minutes later died. The laughter had moved on from the two love birds to the one that just had died of laughter. It was tradition to gift the one you love a clam, a seagull's peak in Creetus. But never a pigeon or anything that can be found on land, since this was a coastal city. So the reason the children were laughing was because it was thought that if you gifted something from the sea, it meant that your love was as big as the never ending sea or ocean. But Hippos gifted her the pigeon because he thought that she made him feel like flying, and that the land or sea are just limiting.

Today's lesson was in astrology, as his professor Jonis Aledranxus was telling the children: "Most of us know that those dots in the sky, those flat shiny things are part of the cosmos. Just like we are on this here blue pale flat dot with a sun rotating around us." He and all the children around him were simply in awe at the thought that we were the center of the universe, and they all wondered if they could ever achieve the unimaginable and maybe one day get to the end of the earth. But Jonis Aledranxus continued: "There are only two things men should not do, try to walk to the end of this Earth and try to reach the mountain top. As gods lay at the top and they must not be disturbed at any point for any reason. And the danger of falling in the underworld is way too big for anyone to venture that far. If you might not fall on thy own, you might be dragged by Hades's hounds and monsters down. That is, if you try to reach the edge of the world." The children grew scared, trembling in their seats, as the sun was burning their skins, the idea of Hades was terrifying for everyone, even adults. Just as they dreaded Thanatos, the god of death. Some of the children started crying, some even relieving themselves, afraid that one day Hades or one of his minions might come and drag them to the underworld. Hippos on the other hand was seemingly excited at the thought of gods, the underworld and getting to the edge of the Earth. The teacher seeing the reaction of the children, had the class dismissed. Everyone was heading home for the day, as their next class wasn't until later in the day. And in Rome...


End of Part 1

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