Attropolis II

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Caution: Attropolis contains strong language, sexual content, disturbing images and immoral grotesque behavior. You have been warned. The following events probably happened and are based on past real events. The story you’re about to read is based on many documented past beliefs and behaviors.

"Rome is my city." said Juliusegos de la Capital. These words were thought by his mother, a wealthy whore that confused self-respect with fornicating the Caesar's close circle and wearing a sheet of silk and a tiny leather belt that barely held said sheet on her. The city was vibrant, even in these early hours of the day, as Juliusegos was walking towards the school. The fresh smell of fish, produce, horse dung that was on the streets as carriages were roaming the roads, were filling the air, people were doing their morning shopping. Some were taking their recently deceased ones, putting them outside on the ground  before they were to be taken for inhumation or cremation. In his adorable sandals, he was skipping through the town singing "Rome is my city" over and over again. Sometimes people joined him, as they thought he was adorable, to be this small and take so much pride in his beloved empire and leader. Enthusiastically he reached his school, children were sword fighting with their adorably small wooden swords, they were playing centurions and savages. The children of the plebs or poor were the centurions and the wealthy and elite were playing the savages, as they wanted to learn how the savages thought, why would they act like the way they did... Thinking that maybe one day when they command their own legion, they would be prepared for whatever those savages would throw towards them. Coianus, Felaticus and Fistium seeing Juliusegos, rushed towards him to greet him with a big smile on their faces. The four of them became friends instantly during the first day of schooling. They met in the lavatory as they each were doing their business, they started a farting contest. The affluent children had their own tutor, those less fortunate were pulling some money together so they can afford all together a tutor. But today was a special day, as they were all going together to the Colosseum to witness some public executions, this was also supposed to be a lesson for the children. For those affluent it's supposed to teach them humility, for those under-privileged was supposed to instill fear into them. As they themselves could become slaves if they wouldn't behave, and if you were to become a slave, more than probably you'd get executed. There were three executions scheduled that day, a mad man believing in some bogus god that was to be crucified, two slaves that tried to run and now they are about to be decapitated. Lastly, there was a sacrifice to our gods. First came one of the slaves, the crowd was roaring, as he was brought up on this elaborate stage. The professor of the children was drawing their attention over to the fact that people would react the same way if they were up there getting executed. A hush fell over the crowd as the slave was asked what his last words were, the slave just screamed some obscenities as the ax fell on his neck. Severing his head from his body, blood was gushing, the crowd was cheering. They immediately brought up the second slave, this one was begging for his life, saying that he was drunk, he didn't know what he was doing. They forced him on his knees, asked him too what his last words were. And the ax fell before he could even speak, the crowed was roaring again with excitement. Some of the children were crying, some were cheering, Juliusegos and his friends were chanting and dancing as the executions were happening. The crazy man was brought up next, the crowd was still cheering, they announced that as an example they will crucify him there in the Colosseum and put up as an example to what happens to heretics. Though they usually wouldn't crucify people in such places. They had the cross already laying there, the soldiers came, beat the man as the crowd was cheering them on. He was put on the cross, and they started nailing him, first his right hand. With each hit of the hammer he was screaming, just as the crowd was cheering. The mixed sound of his screams with the crowds cheer at each hit of the hammer was something wonderful to witness. They had finally finished nailing him to the cross, as he was put into his place, the crowd started chanting "Die, die, heretic, bye, bye heretic." In agony the mad man was looking around, as blood was dripping in his eyes, as he had his skull cracked by one of the Roman soldiers, when they beat him into submission. So they left him there, as they started to prepare for the sacrifice. The preliminary ritual had started for the offering to the gods, the sacrifice, usually a male, was on a big table, his head was covered with a cloth, the ritual was supposed to clean him so that the gods may accept him. And so...


End of part 2

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