New Short Story Series Announcement: Attropolis


History, our way to reminisce about the way we were, to be fascinated by our own past actions and keep stories that might have been lost to time. They say that those that do not know history are doomed to repeat it. Just look at the resurgence of Nazis, a perfect example of just that. Then again, there are people that still know the history and the only thing they can do is observe. It seems to me that either way we’re doomed. Yet the late great Stephen Hawking has said that you shouldn’t look to history to learn anything, because history is the history of fools. And if I may add, greed, misjudgement and misplaced anger and frustration. Which applies to today as well. This series looks at a period in time of extraordinary potential and that we still know little about. Following some interesting couple of characters and their day to day life in two of the biggest civilizations of the ancient world, that had an impact on our understanding of history and the world we live in today, Ancient Rome and the Early Roman Empire and Ancient Greece under the rule of the Roman Empire. A story that has never been told until today, after the revelations of the author of this series regarding the time period. The main protagonists of this story are Juliusegos and Hippos, two rambunctious boys, one from Rome and one from a small city in ancient Greece. Attropolis will be the story that brings their legends to light and their life back into glory, as these two have been lost to time and their tragedy lost to too much sorrow. In an attempt to learn about the traditional Roman and Greek family, culture, education and lifestyle, something that hasn’t been attempted before, at least not to this level. Attropolis will span over 52 weekly chapters over the whole of 2019. This coming of age story promises you war, precises and graphic details of a vivid past world that has come and gone, leaving an impressive mark on human history. Not just that, but love stories, hard hitting commentary on society, historical facts and past beliefs that will draw you into this ancient world. With all that said, I do welcome you to Attropolis, a one of a kind story, starting with a prelude next week. And the official start in January 5th.

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