Bad Fiction Ep. 3 & 4 [Bonus Content]

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Bad Fiction Episode 3

It was a Tuesday afternoon. The clouds were gathering a few miles away from our town. The sun was approaching its target, as the sky grew red, purple and orange. That was the faithful moment the two met. It was after hours, somewhere after the building they were working in. As their eyes met, their feet started getting in sync. They were walking at the same pace, it was something wonderful. Like finding your one true love in a split second. The tension between them was electric, the sparks were flying. The danger signs were showing all around them. You couldn’t even approach them. Because if you did, you’d get electrocuted. It was something magical, something everyone dreams of. A fairy tale in real life. Time flew by, as each step drew them closer to each other. Nothing stopped them from getting on each other right there and then. In the middle of the street. No one stopping them, because they knew… They knew that what they had could never be matched. They knew that people would stand in awe at their chemistry, something as amazing as this would never show its head ever again. So, as the sun set, as the first stars glew on the sky. As the universe seemed to have aligned just for them, the got even closer. At this point the people around them were in mortal danger. Their sparks were flying left and right, he was biting his lips. She was biting her other lips, people were getting hot and bothered just by being in their vicinity. She loved him, like a love song, baby. Because he was a dangerous kind of guy, a special kind of guy. With he was a spinner boy, he was telling her to fidget his spinner, kind of boy. She touched him, he started moaning. People were looking, but they didn’t care. He was touching her legs, she was trembling. The earth was shaking, he was like a superstar. She was his muse. After five minutes of foreplay, she started screaming, he kept moaning. The moon was bright and full in the sky, everyone admired them. But after another five minutes she grew tired of his moaning and bitching about everything. Because he kept saying he wanted to crack open a cold one with the bois and she wanted to see him do nose dives on the pavement. He couldn’t leave since she got that milkshake that caught him in the first place. Nothing really made any sense for him anymore, as he felt like a Pokemon in a PokeBall, caught by that bastard Giovanni, just because he could do nose dives and be a Licktung. And it was all so obvious, because he was a boy, and she was a girl. And they super liked each other on Tinder, even though they both were fifteen. Such a romance wasn’t even heard of since Romeo and Juliet, such a thing of beauty no one wrote since Shakespeare. And I am that guy to write this. Obviously the story ends with the two lovers breaking up after a week of relationship and they both gave up on women and men, respectively. As she became a feminist and he became a woman. #woke #TheEnd

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Bad Fiction Episode 4 - A Star Wars Episode

“It has been years.” said Luke.

He looked up, as to signal that the end has begun already.

“I need a teacher.” said Rey.

“I can’t teach you.” said Luke. “It’s time for the Jedi to end.”

The air got heavier, a darkness was spreading around us.

“It is time…” said a familiar voice.

“It isn’t!” Luke screamed. 

Rey stood there in shock. The cave shook with Luke’s voice.

Scared, Rey asked “What just happened?”

“It’s nothing.” Luke responded.

“Skywalker, now is your turn.” said Kenobi.

“No, it’s not. This can’t happen again.” replied Luke flustered.

“Hmm… Must you do. Duty have you.” said Yoda.

“Like you did?” Luke screamed again.

In shock Rey stands in a corner, afraid to reach to him. Yet she gets some courage to ask Luke: “Who are you talking to?”

“Kenobi and Yoda.” disgruntled he replied. “They are force ghosts now.” e continued.

‘I see.” said Rey with a concerned look on her face.

“For you to bring this to an end, you have to do this.” said Kenobi annoyed by Luke’s attitude.

“You must repent for your mistakes, I know how hard this can be. I am your father.”

“I know, stop saying that.” replied Luke that was about to exploded into pieces. “Why are you guys here?” he continued.

As this continued, Rey went to the Falcon. As he entered the ship, Chewy was looking at her with hope in his eyes. As she shook her head to signal a no, she went to the comms to talk to Leia.

“Rey?” Leia asked.

“Yes, it’s me. I found him.” Rey responded.


“I’m sorry… He isn’t himself.”

In disbelief Leia asked: “What do you mean? What’s wrong?”

“Well… He has dementia. He started talking to dead people. Right now he is in an argument with some Yenobi and Koda.”

Chewy growled.

“Oh… Well, we’re going to have to do this on our own.” said General Leia.

And that’s why Luke was the last Jedi. The End.

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